A message from the WSTRA Board

A message from the WSTRA Board…

As some of you are already aware, Eastern Washington University is facing historic budget cuts due (in part) to the Covid – 19 crisis.

As a result, the three EWU Recreation degrees (Therapeutic Recreation, Outdoor Recreation Leadership, and Recreation and Tourism Management) are on a list of programs to possibly eliminate.

The review process will take place all academic year, with programs knowing their final standing  in June 2021.

One element of the review process can include endorsements from national organizations, supporting agencies, frequent employers, and alums within the industry.

If you are willing to write an email or letter of support for the EWU programs and students on behalf of your own experiences as an alum or as a representative of your organization, the program would welcome your assistance!

Please email your letter to emessina@ewu.edu

Some points to consider for your letter would be:

  • A brief introduction to your organization
  • The EWU programs’ history with your organization
  • Your organization’s support of students and/or the industry overall
  • Prospects for the industry and demand for entry level professionals, post Covid.

The WSTRA Board thanks you for your time and your advocacy on behalf of the future of our profession.

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