JOB POSTING: Recreation Therapist (Temporary NTE 13 months), VA, Tacoma, WA

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The incumbent is responsible for performing the work of a recreation therapist, which encompasses a variety of different duties and responsibilities. The incumbent is responsible for developing, organizing and administering recreation therapy programs to provide therapeutic interventions to patients on the inpatient rehabilitation unit, on the inpatient blind rehabilitation unit, in outpatient services, in community living centers, and on the dementia special care unit.

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Duties are at the Full Performance Level, which include but are not limited to:
1. Utilizes time management skills to accomplish the objectives of the Recreation Therapy Section of Rehabilitative Care Services.
2. Prioritizes tasks to ensure that work is accomplished within established time frames.
3. Adapts to changes in processes or procedures without impacting ability to carry out assigned tasks.
4. Works with others to improve systems without sacrificing appropriate attention to patient care needs.
5. Works closely with allied health care specialists to assess patient’s condition/progress and coordinate patient treatment to effect maximum rehabilitation potential.
6. Demonstrates flexibility when working with other subject matter experts on scheduling and providing individual treatment for patients.
7. Provides crucial guidance to the primary care provider regarding the patient’s improvement or lack thereof in the area of recreation therapy.
8. Explains and discusses both theoretical and practical aspects of recreation therapy treatment and/or therapeutic techniques with various groups within the medical center and community organizations.
9. Writes concise clinical treatment plans which will accomplish the desired goals with greatest efficiency.
10. Skill in developing, implementing and evaluating community reintegration treatment goals and interventions to include public transportation training, community access planning and community mobility and access.
11. Skill in education and use of adaptive sports devices and equipment as part of patient treatment goals and interventions.
12. Knowledge of safety precautions and contraindications for particular disabilities and diagnoses.
13. Independently alters treatment plan and goals based on information provided by interdisciplinary team members.
14. Skill in the use of behavior modification techniques to help the patient focus on his/her involvement in the treatment plan.
15. Applies knowledge and skill assessing and treating patients with varying disabilities and co-morbidities.
16. All other duties as assigned

Work Schedule: Monday – Friday 7:30am-4:00pm
Financial Disclosure Report: Not required

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