CEUs for internship supervisors!

Did you know?

At a recent meeting, the NCTRC Board of Directors approved the award of continuing education credit for internship supervision. The new standard governing CE credit went into effect on July 1, 2014 and requires additional terms and conditions as applied to the current internship standards. The new standard allows for up to two (2) CE credit earning internship supervisory experiences per recertification cycle.  Each internship supervisory experience will be awarded five (5) CE credit hours for a maximum award of 10 credit hours per recertification cycle.  The application of the new standard is retroactive for up to five (5) years thus allowing CTRSs to count past internship supervision as part of their current CEU portfolio as long as all terms and conditions are met in accordance with the new standards. (http://nctrc.org/recentnews.htm#3)


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