JOB POSTING: Recreational Therapist, Pearl Youth Residence, Tacoma, WA

Pearl Youth Residence is one of five Comprehensive Long-term In-patient Programs for adolescents ages 12-17 suffering from acute and or chronic behavioral and mental illness. Length of stay for residents is usually 6-9 months. Not only will you use individual and group treatment modalities you will also be able to engage in developing community reintegration programs, and participate in Equine Assisted Therapy on a weekly basis.


Job Title: Recreational Therapist

Location: Pearl Youth Residence

Classification: Non-Exempt

Supervisor: Recreation Therapy Supervisor               Date: November 2020

Function: Coordinate the therapeutic recreation component for the residential treatment program. Initiate services to the residents through implementation of a therapeutic recreation activity. Plan and coordinate recreational, vocational, and socialization programming in coordination with individual treatment goals and objectives. Provide high quality individualized care and treatment for residents using the least restrictive methods possible. Member of the multi-disciplinary team. Serve as a member of the interdisciplinary team and participate in evaluations and development of treatment plans.


  1. Oversee planning and implementation of therapeutic recreation program.
  2. Plan, coordinate, and implement Recreation Therapy groups and 1:1s as scheduled.
  3. Provide direct care in therapeutic recreational program which is appropriate for residents and consistent with the program goals of increasing skills, maximizing potential, and increasing level of independent functioning.
  4. Coordinate ongoing recreation activities within facility and community integration.
  5. Provide direct therapeutic assessments of residents within 30 days of admission.
  6. Participate in treatment planning and provide updates specific to recreation therapy goals and objectives.
  7. Write measurable goals and objectives for resident’s treatment plans.
  8. Provide in-service training to staff regarding recreation as assigned.
  9. Attend and participate in treatment team meetings, staffing’s, and training sessions.
  10. Ensure the care, safety, and supervision of residents.
  11. Utilize individualized and tailored care, taking into consideration the specific needs and strengths of residents.
  12. Instruct, assist, and provide skill development and overall supervision to residents regarding emotional regulation, social skills, physical skills, and leisure/recreation skills and activities.
  13. Coordinate and interact professionally, cooperatively, and promptly with other team members. When on the milieu, is supervised by the shift leader.
  14. Establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship with residents and actively support the program by participating in all activities during scheduled shifts.
  15. Respond promptly to pager messages and emails as required.
  16. Work to ensure communication among team members during and between shifts.
  17. Work with team members to create and contribute to a positive learning environment for all.
  18. Ensure proper use, maintenance, and storage of all recreation equipment and supplies.
  19. Document the provision of care and the clinical and behavioral observations of residents in the progress notes.
  20. Document all accidents, special treatment procedure, and extraordinary occurrences, and submit reports to the program manager.

More information here or contact…

Chad Hines, CTRS/R

Recreation Therapy Supervisor/Safety Officer

Pearl Youth Residence

Tacoma, WA


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