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Your Kids Can Now Watch Astronauts Reading Stories From Space

Jack Canfield: Coronavirus & How to Navigate It Successfully

Jack is live talking about the Coronavirus. You’ll get a ton of helpful advice on how to: – Stay calm & focused on the positive- Boost your immune system to protect against disease- Make the most out of your self-isolation – Transform your fears into hope and optimism… And respond to our current situation in a way that helps you get the best possible outcome. PLUS: you’ll learn the 5 M’s that help you thrive in times of crisis AND I will walk you through a powerful meditation that will alleviate anxiety, help you focus on the present moment, and bring you peace of mind so you can make wise, heart-centered decisions no matter what’s happening in the world around you. NOTE: The live stream to Facebook didn't connect until 20 minutes into the webinar, we apologize for the late start but there is a ton of value here!DATE CORRECTION: The Success Principles Masterclass is on Thursday, April 2nd (not April 9th as stated in the video) you can find out how to join the webinar here:

Posted by Jack Canfield on Monday, March 16, 2020


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