JOB POSTING: Recreation and Athletics Specialist 4, Spokane Veteran’s Home

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The Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) is pleased to announce an opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of veterans as a Recreation and Athletics Specialist 4 at our Spokane Veterans Home (SVH).

The Recreation and Athletics Specialist 4 supports the WDVA vision by serving those who served and enriching the quality of life of each veteran at the Spokane Veterans Home.

The hiring manager reserves the right to review application materials and make a hiring decision at any point during this recruitment process. It is in the best interest of the applicant to apply as soon as possible.

The work schedule is Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. However, the work schedule will require variations in work hours and days related to programs needs, (special events, holidays and coverage).

Some of what you will enjoy doing:
Off and On Campus Activities
·        Complete a monthly scheduled for can use.
·        Maintain a schedule of clients on a caseload to ensure a minimum of one opportunity/quarter for those with goals.
·        Determine most appropriate trip based on client needs, likes, and dislikes.
·        Directly assist the client to participate in the recreational opportunity.
·        Plan for trip with unit staff and nurse to ensure client attendance.
·        Document client response to the trip in care plan.
·        Set up each client “system”, collect, and record data accurately and timely.
·        Perform data analysis via Excel spreadsheet or other means.

Performing Assessment/Data Management for Care Plans
·        Complete “Activities” section of the Minimum Data Set according to review schedule.
·        Determine client preference (likes/dislikes), choice making method and how they client engages.
·        Work with other team members to perform assessments as needed.
·        Complete quarterly and annual assessments.
·        Responsible for Leisure and Recreation portion of the care plan.
·        Document where client went and how they responded in care plan each quarter.
·        Assess with team, which clients are appropriate for off-unit/off-campus activities.
·        Ensure input is submitted according to the review schedule.

Special Event Planning, Quarterly
·        Schedule with teams, plans, and is present for activities.
·        Document client response and participation in each care plan.

Scheduled Leisure Program
·        Meet with team to develop leisure goals for each client on caseload at weekly care plan reviews.
·        Coordinate with interdisciplinary team to perform evaluations and assessments.
·        Assist with obtaining leisure supplies.
·        Quarterly, report client progress to team.

Required Qualifications:
BA degree in recreational management or National Certification as an Activities Director by the National Association of Activities Professionals.

Three years’ experience managing, organizing and conducting therapeutic recreational activities in an institutional setting.

Experience in working with a variety of age groups with different levels of physical, emotional and psychiatric disabilities.

Knowledge of State and Federal regulations pertaining to recreational therapy long term care to ensure compliance.

Some Desired Skills and Abilities:
Able to lead and co-lead recreation activity groups for both on and off campus activities.
Able to escort clients to and from on and off campus activities.
Able to set measurable short and long term recreation goals.
Able to assess individual recreational needs based on established criteria.
Able to plan, organize, and coordinate recreation activities, involving other staff and may use volunteers.
Able to instruct direct care support staff on how to carry out established recreation routines.
Able to learn and use ASL signs, as needed, to communicate with non-verbal clients.
Able to use a computer with an MS WINDOWS environment; send and receive email; find information on the Internet; word-process and use spreadsheet software; use MS OFFICE, etc.
Able to prepare clear, concise reports, evaluations, programs and recommendations; analyze data.
Able to multi-task in a fast-paced work environment.

Preferred Qualifications:
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist through NCTRC.

Special Requirements and Conditions of Employment:
Clear background check every two (2) years.

Pass an annual Tuberculin test.

Successful completion of Therapeutic Options Training as required and demonstrate competency in all aspects of Therapeutic Options in daily work assignments.

Support clients in crisis using program approved methods.

Maintain CPR/First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens certifications, annually.

Completion of other mandatory training as required by the position.

This position has been designated emergent under the DSHS Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. The incumbent in this position is directly responsible for delivery of DHS Vital Services and for understanding the written local emergency management plan, which describes how Vital Services will be delivered during an emergency or disaster. During a recognized emergency, the duties may be different from normal duties, and will be temporary in nature, lasting only as long as necessary to resume normal operations. The incumbent may be required to perform the following during an recognized emergency/disaster.

Report for duty on short notice for a specified timeframe.

Report for duty outside of normally scheduled work hours and workdays.


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