JOB POSTING – TAVON CENTER Program Director, Issaquah, WA

TAVON CENTER – Program Director


Tavon Center is located in Issaquah, Washington and provides a day program for adults with disabilities. We are looking for a new program director. The ideal candidate will have a background in special ed or behavior management or therapeutic rec, experience creating and tracking goals,  experience working with adults with disabilities, management experience, love of the outdoors and garden,  be a visionary, be inspirational and  be passionate about improving lives of people with disabilities.


Job specifics:

full time

Salary $43-50K DOE

paid medical/dental

10 days paid vacation after 6 months employment

Simple IRA with 2% match


Under general direction of the Executive Director, the program director

oversees staff in the day to day operations of Tavon Center including personal care, pre-vocational training, social activities, leisure activities, physical and educational activities, and health monitoring.



  • Work with client, caregiver, caseworker and therapist to determine appropriate goals for a Pathway to Employment.
  • Assist clients with their vocational goals according to their Pathway to Employment.
  • Accounting: working within the budget. Reconcile credit and debit cards.
  • Client billing-Special Care hours, work with bookkeeper.
  • Staff time cards-assist bookkeeper with any questions.
  • Track household maintenance.
  • Track and schedule van maintenance.
  • Client scheduling and parent correspondence.
  • Promote an environment of accountability, respect, teamwork.
  • Assist with hiring of new staff.
  • Complete appropriate monthly/daily reports and records according to program standards.
  • Monitors the client’s health status, with close observation for significant changes in the client’s physical and/or mental condition.
  • Daily planning of therapeutic, meaningful activities for participants as listed on the schedule of activities, and introduce new activities as appropriate.
  • Uses assessment methods in order to record, monitor and evaluate individual achievements, which may include making initial assessments, daily planning of tasks, or supporting individuals to use a diary system.
  • Carrying out regular one-to-one appraisals, updates and reviews of staff and Tavon members.
  • Setting tasks according to the physical and mental needs/abilities of individuals.
  • Helping individuals to develop confidence and self-esteem through their work.
  • Identify staff interests and strengths and help them incorporate these into the daily program.
  • Interface with agricultural director regarding garden/farm activities
  • Closely observing individuals to monitor their progress.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of individual programs.
  • Adjusting activities to make them more effective.
  • Taking part in discussions with other professionals, such as social workers  and psychologists in order to plan the most effective program.
  • Assist clients with toileting if needed; including adult diaper changes, and cleaning up, for clients who are incontinent of bowel and bladder.
  • Further the mission of Tavon Center by speaking at community functions.
  • Interface with the Director of Development to promote/assist with fund raising activities.
  • Continually looks for new and innovative ways to grow the program.
  • Comfort with public speaking.
  • Proficient with Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint.




  • The Program Director is hired by the hiring committee and is responsible to the Executive Director.
  • Exercises responsiblity for all personnel who are executing assigned tasks under his/her supervision.
  • Establishes the necessary relationships with administrators, staff, clients, constituency and local community groups in order to assure program functioning and service delivery.





  • Competency in Adult Day Care routine services; of proper methods of giving personal care to clients (including incontinent of bowel and bladder); methods of obtaining and documenting client information.
  • Bachelor’s degree in teaching, special education, recreational therapy, BCBA certification or a related field and one year experience working with people with disabilities; or an associates degree in recreational therapy or a related field plus two years of appropriate experience; or three years of paid experience in an activity program in a management role and expertise with young adults with disabilities.
  • Proven leadership/management skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Knowledge of creation and implementation of positive behavioral support plans.
  • Knowledge in writing vocational goals according to a client’s abilities and strengths.
  • Working ability to recognize and respond to problem situations according to established procedures.
  • Good knowledge of and practices of universal precautions for controlling the spread of infection.
  • Love of the outdoors and the garden.
  • Training in personal care, First aid, and CPR. Proof of TB test required before starting work.


EVALUATION:After 90 days and then at least yearly by program director and designated board members.



Please submit a cover letter and resume to:


Therese Vafaeezadeh ARNP
Executive Director
Tavon Center

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