Internship Announcement: Providence ElderPlace

Internships available at Providence ElderPlace, the only PACE program in Washington State.

If you are interested in a clinical RT internship working in a Geriatric population, this is an internship for you.

Providence ElderPlace is an innovative program of health care and social services for older adults.

Our model of care is known as PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly).

PACE programs keep older adults as healthy as possible in the community by providing comprehensive health care and social services including: primary and specialty medical care, a day health program, social work services, rehabilitation, housing (if necessary) and much more.

Participants attend the Providence ElderPlace Center on a regular basis, and transportation is provided.

The ElderPlace team of health care and social service professionals and our affiliates provide comprehensive integrated care to our participants.

Our services include Primary Medical Care including: Nursing, Recreation Therapy , Social Work, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Nutrition Counseling, Personal Care, Meals, Spiritual Care, Mental Health Services, Supportive ElderPlace Housing including: Assisted Living, Adult Family Home

We serve individuals who are: at least 55 years old, live within the Providence ElderPlace service area which includes most of King County, are eligible for Medicaid, Medicare and are in need of nursing facility level of care as defined by WAC 388-71-0435. (COPES level of care – needing extensive assistance with 2 activities of daily living or minimal assistance with 3 activities of daily living) COPES defines an activity of daily living as: eating, toileting, ambulation, transfer support, bathing and self-medication.

Recreation Therapy is an integral part of the Providence ElderPlace team approach to healthcare.

Each participant, upon admittance to the program is evaluated by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist/Registered (CTRS/R).

This initial assessment includes obtaining information from the participant, family and caregivers. The assessment includes biographical information, leisure needs and interests, leisure adaptation, community leisure, leisure barriers and leisure outcomes.

We have 3 sites as well as 2 alternate care sites.

Please contact Susan Disman at or call at 206-320-5325


4 thoughts on “Internship Announcement: Providence ElderPlace

  1. Erin Sweeney

    hi! I am very much so interested in interning with you all. I am only a junior but I am a TR major. I do live in North Carolina and I was wondering if you have accommodations set up for your interns or if it is strictly put on us.

    I do want to move to Washington State and I thought it would be great to intern there first to see if I want to start my career.

    1. Emily Messina Post author

      Hi Erin,
      Thanks for your comment!
      Please contact Susan directly (see above for contact information) if you have any questions. She should be able to help you.

  2. Angelica

    My name is Angelica Pillai and I am an undergraduate student at Azusa Pacific University. I am doing some research on recreational therapy, and was wondering if you had any references of recreational therapists of whom I could email and inquire some information on the career.

    Thank you,
    Angelica Pillai

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