History of WSTRA

Special thanks to Debbe Pate, MS, CTRS for her contributions to the history page and the original WSTRA website.


WSTRA was founded in 1999, through the efforts of Angela Morasch, CTRS, Harriet Ott, CTRS, Lisa DeVries, MS, CTRS, Barb Stuebing, CTRS, and Debbie Pate, MS, CTRS, as the result of a merger of four therapeutic recreation/recreational therapy organizations in Washington state:

  • Washington Recreational Therapy Association
  • Inland Northwest Chapter of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association, the first chapter affiliate of ATRA
  • Puget Sound Chapter of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association, also known as Puget Sound Therapeutic Recreation Association (PSTRA)
  • TR Rounds of Seattle


It was incorporated, thanks to the observations and actions of Julie Tapusoa, CTRS/R, as a Washington State nonprofit in 2007 and obtained 501(c)(6) status, thanks to the efforts of Debbie Pate, MS, CTRS/R, in 2009.



WSTRA sought and obtained Washington State Department of Health Recreational Therapist Registration, which became effective in 2003, the culmination of an effort begun by PSTRA in 1995.  Many members were involved in this effort including, but not limited to:

  • Missy Armstrong, MS, CTRS
  • Carrie Booker, CTRS
  • Ann Cochrane, CTRS
  • Buffy Collier, CTRS
  • Susan Collins, CTRS
  • Jodi Connelly, CTRS
  • Dave Elmore, CTRS
  • Kristie Goedhard, CTRS
  • Kim Lyons, CTRS
  • Harriet Ott, CTRS
  • Debbie Pate, MS, CTRS
  • Laree Shanda, CTRS
  • Beth Sutton, CTRS
  • Julie Tapusoa, CTRS
  • Diana Thew, CTRS
  • Dave Tostenrude, CTRS
  • Regan Ward, CTRS
  • Chrystal Williams, CTRS


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